Stats from 1/14/19 to 7/18/19

3,124 Streets Travelled

83 Neighborhoods Visited

422.7 Miles Walked

50,046 Feet of Elevation

“You Can’t Get There from Here.”

If you’ve lived in Pittsburgh for a while or even just visited, you might have heard a native say this. Logically, you can get anywhere from any place. In Pittsburgh, logic doesn’t always win. I have lived here for more than 30 years and I still get lost EVERY DAY. Ending up on 579 when I was trying to get on 6th Ave is a lesson I have learned more than I care to admit. If directions to a place require going through a tunnel or crossing a river, well, “You just can’t get there from here.” Yinzers don’t balk at a set of decaying stairs but the tunnel monster is real, and he will eat your car if you don’t slow down to a snail’s pace when entering it. So, yeah, sometimes you just can’t get there from here.

Did you know that there are (probably) 4,661 streets in the City of Pittsburgh? I say probably because I reached that number by counting (twice, by hand) the streets on an indexed paper map of the region. I have found quite a few discrepancies between the paper map, the G. M. Hopkins Company Maps, Apple Maps, and Google Maps. I don’t know how many streets there are but I hope to have the map at the top of this page filled out completely.

Take a look at my posts by looking below or using the links above.

90: Golden Girls and Gators

Unique Streets: 28 Miles Walked: 6.56 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day, underlined are not in the city): Sussex Avenue, Cedric Avenue, Perri Drive, Beltram Avenue, Holcomb…

89: Is this a Wonkavator?

Unique Streets: 12 Miles Walked: 2.67 Street Names (italicized names have been walked on another day): Schenley Drive, Roberto Clemente Drive, S. Bouquet Street, Pier Street, Argyle Way, Fiber Way,…

88: Pokemon to the rescue!

Unique Streets: 20 Miles Walked: 3.52 Street Names: McBride Street, U Way, Fredanna Street, V Way, Halchess Street, Mohrbach Street, W Way, Century Avenue, Cosmos Street, McElhinny Avenue, Rose Arbor…

87: Banksville Twofer

Unique Streets: 23 Miles Walked: 8 Street Names (italics have been walked on another day): Banksville Park, Crane Avenue, Elm Spring Drive, Mapleview Drive, Maple View Court, Elm Spring Court,…

86: Runnin’ out of these streets

Unique Streets: 20 Miles Walked: 3.84 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Superior Avenue, Colorado Way, Toner Street, California Avenue, Ireland Way, Woodland Ave, Plough Street, Evandale…

85: Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs.

Johnny joined me on a quick (not-by-choice) walk in Sheraden. We parked in a shady spot in the middle of the Sheraden Park valley.

84: Let’s Make a Dill, or Two.

Long time, no post. Yes, I am still walking. It has taken me a while to post this walk because I am having trouble with my main map that shows all of my walks in one place.

83: I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

Today, my entourage was comprised of Johnny, Sophia, and my friend Alexis. He had barely missed meeting me when I walked in Fairywood but we were able to walk together today.

82: All the Small Things. Don’t even Blink.

On this cloudy day, I took a drive to Arlington. There was a section I hadn’t walked yet but I’d be lying if that was my only motivation. I really wanted breakfast-for-lunch from Eggs & Moore. It had rained during the night and into the morning but the rain stayed mostly away for my walk.

81: Treasure and Gator Hunting (Carrick)

I had two goals for today: to walk on the orphaned Vida Way and to see if there were anymore alligators waddling around Pittsburgh.