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102: That time I kidnapped my family (South Side Slopes)

Unique Streets: 2 Miles Walked: 2.23 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Arlington Avenue, Conway Street, Eccles Street, Sterling Street, Quarry Street, Saber Way, S. 18th Street,…

82: All the Small Things. Don’t even Blink.

On this cloudy day, I took a drive to Arlington. There was a section I hadn’t walked yet but I’d be lying if that was my only motivation. I really wanted breakfast-for-lunch from Eggs & Moore. It had rained during the night and into the morning but the rain stayed mostly away for my walk.

Day 53: South Side Flats/Slopes & Arlington/Heights

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets: 57 Miles Walked: 6.31 Street Names (italicized have been already walked on another day): E. Carson Street, S 28th…