Category: Central Northside

120: Mexican War Streets and German Food

Unique Streets: 1 Miles Walked: 2.85 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Arch Street, W. North Avenue, Palo Alto Street, Eloise Street, Resaca Place, N. Taylor Avenue,…

115: Tacos on a Monday?

This walk took place over two separate days. Unique Streets: 7 Miles Walked: 2.55 & 2.98 10/21/19 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Western Avenue, Bidwell Street,…

113: A Ghost Pushed Me

Unique Streets: 35 Miles Walked: 7.64 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): N. Charles Street, Maple Avenue, Pusey Way, Goshen Street, Hazelton Street, Swindell Bridge, Magnet Street,…

95: Snakes, Sloths, and Sticky Burs (Northside)

I’m learning that with Johnny, I need to break up the walks. This post took place over two days, 8/14/19 and 8/20/19

80: cARTwheels

Today was the first of many (I hope) summer walks with Sophia, Johnny, and Amy. We started out with the plan to walk a bit in the North Side and then head over to the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

58: South Shore, North Shore, Golden Triangle

My walk today was different than most of my others in that I covered a lot of miles but not that many streets. I parked at the bottom of the Duquesne Incline and started off towards the West End Bridge.

Day 25: Central Northside/Mexican War Streets

Unique Streets Walked: 29 Miles Walked: 2.13 Street Names: Buena Vista, Mero, Cameo, Armandale, Atlanta, Monterey, W. Jefferson, Ehlers, Rednap, Garfield, Saturn, E. Jefferson, Pryor, Carrington, Fireman, Alpine, Ramage, Boer,…