Category: Duquesne Heights

104: Lucky Coins on Friday the Thirteenth (Duquesne Heights/Mt. Washington)

Unique Streets: 14 Miles Walked: 6.5 Street Names: (italicized have been walked on another day): W. Station Square Drive, Greenleaf Street, Bradley Street, Fingal Street, Republic Street, Grandview Avenue, Bigham…

66: Duquesne Heights, Beechview & Mt. Washington

Today’s walk was filled with surprises (good, bad, and weird.) I started out by parking off of Saw Mill Run Boulevard on Woodruff Street. I noticed from the map that the Beechview Seldom Seen Greenway was nearby and I’d been wanting to explore it for a while now.

Day 49: Duquesne Heights

Today I finished walking almost all of the streets in Duquesne Heights. There are still a few on the other side of Saw Mill Run Boulevard that are technically in this neighborhood but I will have to hit them another day.

Day 6: Mount Washington/Duquesne Heights

Unique Streets Walked: 27 Miles Walked: 2.92 Street Names: Amabell, Athlone, Basil, Beam, Bigham, Cohassett, Fetterman, Gilmartin, Grandview, Hallock, LaBelle, Meridan, Olympia, Oneida, Pawn, Pawnee, Piado, Piermont, Plymouth, Pomona, Ponka,…