Category: Northview Heights

168: Slanted Woods

Unique Streets: 7 Miles Walked: 5 Street Names are listed at the bottom. I started this walk in a certain section of Spring Hill-City View that has a quaint Bavarian…

122: Is that the hill you want to die on? (Spring Hill-City View/Fineview/Spring Garden)

Unique Streets: 25 Miles Walked: 6.15 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Howard Street, Rising Main Avenue, Toboggan Street, Pynchon Street, Peekskill Street, Suffolk Street, East Street,…

67: Troy Hill, Spring Garden, Northview Heights, Spring Hill-City View, and East Allegheny

Unique Streets: 65
Miles Walked: 8.11
Today’s walk was inspired by George. In the morning on the way to school, I asked the boys where they thought I should walk. George yelled “Turtle Street!”