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144-155: Ennui Go (Quarantine Walks)

Unique Streets: 106 Miles Walked: 62.3 Street Names are listed at the bottom since there are so many! Railroad spikes, coins, bones, pottery, a dust devil of lottery tickets in…

62: Strip District, Polish Hill and a teeny tiny part of Lower Lawrenceville

This post is dedicated to my cat, Apollo Creed RIP 8/22/06-5/6/19

Day 8: Polish Hill

Unique Streets Walked: 24 Miles Walked: 3.13 Street Names: 30th, Apollo, Bethoven, Bigelow, Brereton, Cargill, Dobson, Downing, Finland, Flavian, Fleetwood, Hancock, Harding, Harmar, Herron, Jewel, Linoleum, Melwood, Oscar, Paulowna, Phelan,…