Category: Shadyside

144-155: Ennui Go (Quarantine Walks)

Unique Streets: 106 Miles Walked: 62.3 Street Names are listed at the bottom since there are so many! Railroad spikes, coins, bones, pottery, a dust devil of lottery tickets in…

107: Shadyside Walk with Shannon (Shadyside)

Unique Streets: 16 Miles Walked: 4.39 Street Names: 5th Avenue, Denniston Street, Kentucky Avenue, Shady Avenue, Howe Street, Cornelius Way, Walnut Street, Sellers Street, Puritan Way, Emerson Street, Stratton Lane,…

99: Buggies, Toilets, and Beeping (East Liberty, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington)

Unique Streets: 60 Miles Walked: 8.33 Street names (italicized have been walked on another day): N. Highland Avenue, Harvard Street, N. Sheridan Avenue, Broad Street, Larimer Avenue, Station Street, Princeton…

92: It’s in the Stars

Unique Streets: 12 Miles Walked: 4.09 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Shadycourt Drive, Beechwood Boulevard, Mellon Park Court, Shady Avenue, Highmont Road, Braeburn Place, Devereaux Lane,…

83: I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

Today, my entourage was comprised of Johnny, Sophia, and my friend Alexis. He had barely missed meeting me when I walked in Fairywood but we were able to walk together today.

79: RING! RING! Go Alarms and Phones. (East End)

Whew! That’s a lot of streets. I decided to travel to the East End to do some walking today. The East End is filled with many attractions such as The Historic Frick Mansion, Construction Junction, the East End Food Co-op, Bakery Square, and this little place called Peppi’s.

60: Shadyside & Bloomfield

I walked with Amy again today. It’s rare that she gets two days off in a row so we took advantage of it. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and in the mid-80s.

Day 5: East Liberty/Shadyside

Unique Streets Walked: 27 Miles Walked: 2.43 Street Names: Alder, Amber, Annie, Auto, Baum, Carron, Centre, Commerce , Ellsworth, Euclair, Eva, Friendship, Ralph Munn, Shady, South Saint Clair, South Beatty,…