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104: Lucky Coins on Friday the Thirteenth (Duquesne Heights/Mt. Washington)

Unique Streets: 14 Miles Walked: 6.5 Street Names: (italicized have been walked on another day): W. Station Square Drive, Greenleaf Street, Bradley Street, Fingal Street, Republic Street, Grandview Avenue, Bigham…

71: Too many neighborhoods to count or the one where I start naming blog posts

I only had two things on my to do list for today’s walk: take the Monongahela Incline (from or to my car) and walk on Schaeffer Way.

65: South Shore, The Bluff, Crawford-Roberts, SS Flats

The Bluff is an area of Pittsburgh I’ve been looking forward to exploring since I started this project. The Bluff aka Uptown has been known by many other names over the years: Soho, Boyd’s Hill, Ayer’s Hill.

58: South Shore, North Shore, Golden Triangle

My walk today was different than most of my others in that I covered a lot of miles but not that many streets. I parked at the bottom of the Duquesne Incline and started off towards the West End Bridge.