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67: Troy Hill, Spring Garden, Northview Heights, Spring Hill-City View, and East Allegheny

Unique Streets: 65
Miles Walked: 8.11
Today’s walk was inspired by George. In the morning on the way to school, I asked the boys where they thought I should walk. George yelled “Turtle Street!”

57: Washington’s Landing (Troy Hill)

George and I took advantage of the sunshine this morning and visited Washington’s Landing, aka Herr’s Island. This tiny island sits in the Allegheny River at the bottom of Troy Hill, the neighborhood which it technically belongs to.

Day 22: Troy Hill

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets Walked: 37 Miles Walked: 3.75 Street Names: Ley, Sundeman, Lowrie, Fleck, Niggel, Tours, Roessler, Heckelman, Lautner, Eggers, Lookout, Alroy,…