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76: Little Walk on the Urban Prairie

Today I decided to tackle Fairywood as it is one of the westernmost neighborhoods and I had to get back home early to get Johnny off the bus for an early dismissal. I was supposed to meet a friend but he never showed. Alexis has a reputation among our group for showing up randomly all over the place.

55: Sheraden & Windgap

Today I found myself in Sheraden which is a neighborhood on the Western Side of Pittsburgh.

Day 1: Windgap

Unique Streets Walked: 28 Miles Walked: 3.5 Streets walked: Summerdale, Mayfair, Oberon, Haven, Mendon, Chartiers, Windgap, Ladley, Belhurst, Merle, Vedas, Nero, Warfel, Pinney, Iota, Rancine, Suter, Middletown, Harlow, Krupp, Creve,…