This project wouldn’t be possible without data collection. Here are the tools that I use:

Apple Watch Workout Mode Results screenshot

Apple Watch in Open Outdoor Walk Workout Mode Keeps track of:

  • My path on the map
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Elevation gained
  • Time spent walking
  • Heart Rate
  • Pace

After I’ve completed the workout, I open an Excel sheet that keeps track of the total mileage, street names and count, and the neighborhood I visited. I retrace my steps and list each street in the spreadsheet.

After I am done with this, I open Google Earth Pro and retrace the route again. I have found another possible way I can cut out this step but I fear that I may miss somethings without tracing it again. The reason is that Apple Watch uses Apple Maps and Google Earth Pro uses Google Maps. Casual users assume the maps will be the same but I have found multiple instances where they are not. See Ralph Munn Way/Mignonette in Day 5.

The next tool I use is the app. This app automatically takes my route created on the Watch and overlays it on a map. I post these on each walk post.

For my picture hosting I use Google Photos.

For most of my Historical Research I access the G. M. Hopkins Company Maps using the The Pittsburgh Mapping and Historical Site Viewer which can be accessed here:
This resource overlays historical map imagery onto the current map view. WARNING: Don’t click the link above unless you want to lose a few hours or your life.