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99: Buggies, Toilets, and Beeping (East Liberty, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington)

Unique Streets: 60 Miles Walked: 8.33 Street names (italicized have been walked on another day): N. Highland Avenue, Harvard Street, N. Sheridan Avenue, Broad Street, Larimer Avenue, Station Street, Princeton…

98: Dickens has Chickens (West End, Elliott, Crafton Heights)

Unique Streets: 41 Miles Walked: 6.8 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): S. Main Street, Alexander Street, Neptune Street, Wabash Street, Noblestown Road, Kerr Street, McDade Way,…

2019 Massive Family Adventure (Part 2 of 2)

After a somewhat relaxing night in Dallas (try sleeping with an energetic 4-year-old on a sofa bed mattress and then tell me how you feel) we went west towards Louisiana. Our first stop to stretch our legs was the riverfront park in Shreveport.

75: A tree tried to murder me and I almost killed Amy. Again.

Goals for today included walking on French Street (Downtown) and finally making it up to Crawford-Roberts to walk more streets. Amy was able to come with me but I’m pretty sure she regretted that decision at the end.

69: Spring Garden, Spring Hill-City View & East Allegheny

Unique Streets: 21 Miles Walked: 4.32 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Spring Garden Avenue, Arcola Way, Seidle Street, Itin Street, Diana Place, Ives Way, Iona Street,…

64: Morningside, Stanton Heights & Highland Park

Today Amy and I walked in Morningside, Stanton Heights, and Highland Park. There were a lot of repeat streets but plenty of new ones.

63: West End & Elliott

Today I decided to walk in West End. I often drive through the area to avoid tunnel traffic on my way to walks and today was the day when I would tackle it.

62: Strip District, Polish Hill and a teeny tiny part of Lower Lawrenceville

This post is dedicated to my cat, Apollo Creed RIP 8/22/06-5/6/19