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110: Duck Hollow with George

Unique Streets: 5 Miles Walked: .68 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): 2nd Avenue, MacFarren Street, Ettwein Street, Blackmore Street, Canine Lane, Ettwein Way If you search…

66: Duquesne Heights, Beechview & Mt. Washington

Today’s walk was filled with surprises (good, bad, and weird.) I started out by parking off of Saw Mill Run Boulevard on Woodruff Street. I noticed from the map that the Beechview Seldom Seen Greenway was nearby and I’d been wanting to explore it for a while now.

Day 46: Banksville

I wanted to get some hills in today so I went to Banksville. Banskville is a hilly neighborhood and is bordered by Beechview, Ridgemont, Green Tree, Dormont, and Mt. Lebanon.

Day 29: Westwood & East Carnegie

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets Walked: 32 Miles Walked: 2.94 Street Names: Hamburg, Springfield, Crest, Salerma, Rhode Island, Albany, New York, Adolph, Tucker, Junius,…