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114: Monkey Balls and BBQ

Unique Streets: 31 Miles Walked: 5.06 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Kelly Street, La Schall Street, Frankstown Avenue, Sweeney Place, McCombs Street, Inwood Street, No Name,…

94: Mixed Messages (Beechview)

Unique Streets: 16 Miles Walked: 3.52 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Saranac Avenue, Bazore Street, Palm Beach Avenue, Neeld Avenue, Mackinaw Avenue, Vodeli Street, Plock Way,…

74: Third Time’s a Charm

Orphan Streets. This is what I call streets that I’ve completely surrounded yet didn’t walk on. When it happens, the street name lights up my subconscious like a neon sign in a dark alley.

72: All Creatures, Fake and Real

Unique Streets: 34 Miles Walked: 5.2 Street Names (italicized streets have been walked on another day): Woods Run Avenue, Central Avenue, Minott Street, Palen Way, Sorento Street, Westborn Street, Smithton…

56: Oakland (Central, West, North)

Hail to Pitt! I spent a lot of time in Oakland for the first years of the new millennium.

Day 52: Greenfield/Four Mile Run

Today I brought a caravan to Greenfield. My friend Amy, her daughter Sophia, my son Johnny, and I set off on a breezy walk down Greenfield Ave towards the Greenfield Bridge.

Day 47: Perry North/South

Today I returned to the land of the living after a sickness that rivaled Captain Trips from The Stand. Last time I went walking was Tuesday, April 2nd so on top of feeling like a bag of flaming crap, I felt guilty for not getting out there.

Day 46: Banksville

I wanted to get some hills in today so I went to Banksville. Banskville is a hilly neighborhood and is bordered by Beechview, Ridgemont, Green Tree, Dormont, and Mt. Lebanon.

Day 44: South Side Slopes

Today I tackled the South Side Steps, wait, I mean South Side Slopes with my friends Amy and Eric.

Day 42: Mount Oliver and St. Clair

|Unique Streets Walked: 29 |Miles Walked: 3 |Street Names: Fisher, Rectenwald, Ignatius, Walde, Farina, Otillia, McManus, Caus, Bede, Daru (only exists on Apple Maps), Dati, Mountain, Burr, Cresswell, Schuler, Kohne,…