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64: Morningside, Stanton Heights & Highland Park

Today Amy and I walked in Morningside, Stanton Heights, and Highland Park. There were a lot of repeat streets but plenty of new ones.

60: Shadyside & Bloomfield

I walked with Amy again today. It’s rare that she gets two days off in a row so we took advantage of it. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and in the mid-80s.

54: Brookline

My friend Amy and I walked in Brookline today. At the time, I had no idea we were in that specific neighborhood because this area switches in and out of different neighborhoods seemingly street to street.

Day 50: Downtown

Tourists in our own city. I feel like that every time I walk but especially today. My friend Amy and I took the wonderful weather (a bit windy but warm) as an opportunity to visit the Central Business District, aka Downtown, aka the Golden Triangle.

Day 48: Point Breeze/Squirrel Hill North

Today I met and walked with Colin from theincline.com so he could ask me some questions for a Q&A. We met at Commonplace Coffee in Point Breeze and set off walking.

Day 47: Perry North/South

Today I returned to the land of the living after a sickness that rivaled Captain Trips from The Stand. Last time I went walking was Tuesday, April 2nd so on top of feeling like a bag of flaming crap, I felt guilty for not getting out there.

Day 44: South Side Slopes

Today I tackled the South Side Steps, wait, I mean South Side Slopes with my friends Amy and Eric.

Day 35: Lawrenceville/Stanton Heights

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets: 29 Miles: 4.55 Street Names (italicized streets have been walked another day): 51st, 50th, Plum*, 49th, Blackberry, Butler, Stanton,…

Day 33: Hazelwood

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets Walked: 72 Miles Walked: 7.66 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): 2nd, Tipton, Teton, E. Tecumseh,…

Day 25: Central Northside/Mexican War Streets

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets Walked: 29 Miles Walked: 2.13 Street Names: Buena Vista, Mero, Cameo, Armandale, Atlanta, Monterey, W. Jefferson, Ehlers, Rednap, Garfield,…