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73: I’m glad we didn’t end up on the news

Unique Streets: 18 Miles Walked: 6.53 Street Names (italicized streets have been walked on another day): Overlook Drive, Boundary Street, Four Mile Run Road, Whitaker Street, Saline Street, Levene Street,…

69: Spring Garden, Spring Hill-City View & East Allegheny

Unique Streets: 21 Miles Walked: 4.32 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Spring Garden Avenue, Arcola Way, Seidle Street, Itin Street, Diana Place, Ives Way, Iona Street,…

54: Brookline

My friend Amy and I walked in Brookline today. At the time, I had no idea we were in that specific neighborhood because this area switches in and out of different neighborhoods seemingly street to street.

Day 49: Duquesne Heights

Today I finished walking almost all of the streets in Duquesne Heights. There are still a few on the other side of Saw Mill Run Boulevard that are technically in this neighborhood but I will have to hit them another day.

Day 16: Beechview

Unique Streets Walked: 25 Miles Walked: 2.73 Street Names: Broadway, Hampshire, Methyl, Parody, Rutherford, Goldstrom, Banksville, Coast, Canton, Napoleon, Alverado, Belasco, Cagwin, Shiras, Bensonia, Neeld, Los Angeles, Vodeli, Palm Beach,…