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78: Big Dog, Big Jim’s, Big Rain

There is still so much of Greenfield to explore! I got to walk some of it today and even ventured into the new Hazelwood Green. I started out my walk in the South Side Flats on Sarah Street between S. 28th and S. 27th. The first thing I noticed was an old bakery that appears to be closed permanently. Looking in the windows it was easy to imagine what it would have been like when the display cases were filled and coffee poured out of the double pot Bunn-o-matic.

64: Morningside, Stanton Heights & Highland Park

Today Amy and I walked in Morningside, Stanton Heights, and Highland Park. There were a lot of repeat streets but plenty of new ones.

56: Oakland (Central, West, North)

Hail to Pitt! I spent a lot of time in Oakland for the first years of the new millennium.

Day 41: Brookline

|Unique Streets: 41 |Miles Walked: 3 |Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): Brookline, Castlegate, Trelona, Berkshire, Pioneer, Jillson, Alumni, Shawhan, Aidyl, Edgevale/Plainview, Kenilworth, Waddington, Abington, Amman, Stapleton,…

Day 40: Stanton Heights

Unique Streets Walked: 36 Miles Walked: 5.08 Street Names: (italicized have been already walked): Farmington, Hawthorne, Fairfield, Old, Stanton, Stanton Court W, Stanton Court N, Stanton Court E, Oranmore, Arcade,…

Day 12: Middle Hill/Bedford Dwellings

Unique Streets Walked: 27 Miles Walked: 2.68 Street Names (Italicized streets have already been walked): Wylie, Kirkpatrick, La Place, Vera Cruz, Centre, Chauncey, Humber, Junilla, Hallett, Elba, Watt, Mahon, Webster,…

Day 4: Allentown/Knoxville Walk

Unique Streets Walked: 29 Miles Walked: 1.9 Street Names: Allen, Ardale, Arlington, Asteroid, Beltzhoover, Bernd, Carnival, Cedarhurst, Ceres, Climax, E Warrington, Edgemont, Eugene, Excelsior, Fern, Freeland, Georgia, Guyman, Harcourt, Helen,…