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110: Duck Hollow with George

Unique Streets: 5 Miles Walked: .68 Street Names (italicized have been walked on another day): 2nd Avenue, MacFarren Street, Ettwein Street, Blackmore Street, Canine Lane, Ettwein Way If you search…

2019 Massive Family Adventure (Part 2 of 2)

After a somewhat relaxing night in Dallas (try sleeping with an energetic 4-year-old on a sofa bed mattress and then tell me how you feel) we went west towards Louisiana. Our first stop to stretch our legs was the riverfront park in Shreveport.

80: cARTwheels

Today was the first of many (I hope) summer walks with Sophia, Johnny, and Amy. We started out with the plan to walk a bit in the North Side and then head over to the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

58: South Shore, North Shore, Golden Triangle

My walk today was different than most of my others in that I covered a lot of miles but not that many streets. I parked at the bottom of the Duquesne Incline and started off towards the West End Bridge.

57: Washington’s Landing (Troy Hill)

George and I took advantage of the sunshine this morning and visited Washington’s Landing, aka Herr’s Island. This tiny island sits in the Allegheny River at the bottom of Troy Hill, the neighborhood which it technically belongs to.

Day 31: Chateau/Manchester

Unique Streets: 36 Miles Walked: 3.72 Street Names (Italicized streets have already been walked): Oxline, Liverpool, Preble, W. North, Beaver, Kroll, N. Point, Belmont, Lighthill, Casino, Sproat, Reedsdale, Boyce, Walker,…

Day 13: North Shore/Allegheny Center/East Allegheny

Unique Streets Walked: 30 Miles Walked: 3.45 Street Names (Italicized streets have already been walked): N. Shore, Chuck Noll, W. General Robinson, Tony Dorsett, Scottland, Reedsdale, Martindale, Merchant, Ridge, Foster,…