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70: Carrick

PR Walk! Today, I set a new personal record for the most unique streets walked in one day: 95 Streets! I had no idea how large Carrick is. I only repeated two streets and covered almost 9 miles!

68: Beechview & Mount Washington

Unique Streets: 54
Miles Walked: 9.04
Today Amy and I had the task of walking one orphaned street in Mt. Washington. On Monday, I somehow completely missed Griffin Street and it was really bugging me.

63: West End & Elliott

Today I decided to walk in West End. I often drive through the area to avoid tunnel traffic on my way to walks and today was the day when I would tackle it.

Day 50: Downtown

Tourists in our own city. I feel like that every time I walk but especially today. My friend Amy and I took the wonderful weather (a bit windy but warm) as an opportunity to visit the Central Business District, aka Downtown, aka the Golden Triangle.

Day 48: Point Breeze/Squirrel Hill North

Today I met and walked with Colin from theincline.com so he could ask me some questions for a Q&A. We met at Commonplace Coffee in Point Breeze and set off walking.

Day 22: Troy Hill

This post is part of a series called PGHProject Unique Streets Walked: 37 Miles Walked: 3.75 Street Names: Ley, Sundeman, Lowrie, Fleck, Niggel, Tours, Roessler, Heckelman, Lautner, Eggers, Lookout, Alroy,…